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I am not sure how many diet plans I have participated in. Calorie counting and making sure that I do not exceed my daily intake of basically horrible diet food. Nasty, but supposedly good for me. Bottom line for me; some diets themselves are horrid and losing weight would normally be a cinch if these health nut diets were actually something to look forward to at meal time. But for me and many others this is not the case.

Then there were the countless health club memberships that always seem to coincide with the New Year. Yes… this year I am doing something about my weight and health and I’m gung-ho about it…  At least I was for the first month or so. But like many I have a busy life and the health club visits dwindle away to nothing in a very short period of time. Months of paying for something that I never use. To be quite honest however, I avoid health clubs in general.

Most of the members are already in shape and the quiet whispered ridicule just drives me mad. So in general I gave that up as I am down on myself enough without some anorexic health nut dressed in spandex telling me I am fat. Do you honestly think I don’t know that? Do you honestly think I care about your opinion? Then things got really bad when I retired.

I drove my wife nuts (she still working) with my endless hours of playing video games and over time gaining enough weight to put me high on the heart attack risk list. Maybe 325lbs is not that bad but then again it is not good either. Being tall I carried my weight well and considered myself overweight not obese. Diabetes however does not care about overweight or obese as these are just human words. Point being one’s pancreas can only handle so much body weight then you are in trouble.

Reduce weight and you increase health its that simple. I have found many little tricks that have worked for a no will power guy who loves food. Now weighing in at 215lbs at six feet two inches tall I feel much better and have kept it off for two years now and all things are stable. Even my diabetes is now under control to the point that other than regularly checking my glucose levels I have not had to take medication in over a year. My body and health are back in check and life is much better again.

Hopefully some of the tricks I used will help you too… All the best to all of you that are in the same boat that I was. Here is to a new life that is worth living. I’m not a lean mean fighting machine, but I am healthy and maintaining a weight that I can live with. Facts For Healthy Weight Loss.

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